A Taste of Americana, by a River in Nakameguro

This is no cabin in the woods


A Taste of Americana, by a River in Nakameguro
Bars August 2nd, 2018

You’re advised to book reservations at Cabin. You could try your luck as a walk-in, but insiders are quickly making this 18-seater bar in Nakameguro their go-to, and for good reason. 

Even if you have to wait 30 minutes, the set-up is worth it. Few bars in Tokyo can match the extensive selection of whiskeys at Cabin, and really, who can refuse a dram of Yamazaki 25 or Hibiki 12? It is all carefully curated by the folks behind sibling restaurant Cedros, an all-American seafood joint in Daikanyama known for its absolutely delicious giant prawn gumbos and seared ahi tuna.

The facade of Cabin, an 18-seater bar by a river in Nakameguro.

We recommend a hearty dinner at Cedros before a relaxing moonlit stroll to Cabin, located just 800-metre away along a river in laid-back Nakameguro. One wouldn’t necessarily call it a speakeasy, but do keep your eyes peeled for its discreet entrance. Its modest wooden structure is easy to miss.

Cabin’s charms lie in its toasty, personal vibe, complete with a fireplace, taxidermy art, and unpretentious service.

The interior of Cabin is poised and charming, complete with a fireplace, taxidermy and rustic decorations on the wall. It’s like someone airlifted a Colorado snow cabin and placed it right next to the river. Service is exceptionally friendly — it’s American, unlike the hushed and practiced ways of the Japanese — and so is their pet Shiba, Uni. You’ll be transported to a snug, toasty cabin in the woods. Don’t be surprised to rub shoulders with plenty of expats all wanting a piece of home.

Cabin stocks over 50 kinds of whisky from around the world and makes an elegant Old Fashioned.

Whisky is the main event here. There are over 50 bottles — ranging from Japanese and Bourbon to Irish and Scotch — in stock. There are wines, cocktails, craft beer and other spirits available, but the regulars bring out-of-towners here for one of Cabin’s exotic signature whisky cocktails. The Old Fashioned is a hit, as is the Hakushu Highball, if you’re leaning towards something fizzy and thirst-quenching.


1-10-23 Naka-Meguro, Meguro-Ku
Tokyo 153-0061

T: (81) 03-6303-2220

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