Claire Jedrek: "It's the marathon, not the sprint"

The motoring enthusiast reveals how she powers through tough times


Claire Jedrek:
Beauty & Grooming March 13th, 2019

Claire Jedrek is, literally, a woman on the go. If she’s not hosting F1 events or presenting on Fox Sports live feed, the 36-year-old roars about the race circuit as Singapore’s only female race car driver.

These days, she has also added ‘mother-of-two’ and ‘business woman’ to her ever-growing resume. Jedrek and fellow racer husband Yuey Tan are founders of the Karting Arena, a 500m race track in Turf City that aims to make racing accessible to the masses. The couple is also expecting their second child later this year.

With such a hectic schedule, Jedrek barely has time to stop and smell the roses, let alone take on a 10-step beauty routine. It’s why the active sportswoman looks out for a good UV cream when shopping for beauty products.

COOLA's skincare products offer good UV protection, making them a great fit for Claire Jedrek's active lifestyle. 

“I love one that isn’t thick, and doesn’t clog pores. The right UV cream is everything,” says Jedrek. Her top picks from the Keyyes shop include US organic brand COOLA’s SPF 30 vanilla peppermint-flavoured lip balm, as well as their Mineral Face SPF 30 Resilience Tinted Organic BB+ Cream Golden.

We speak to Jedrek about real empowerment.

How would you describe your typical day in one sentence?

A 24-hour coordinated and scheduled date with my family, household, (e-mail) inbox, The Karting Arena, meetings, hosting or events.

When was the last time you were truly amazed about something?

Now that I have a kid, it truly amazes me each and every day how much a little being can absorb and how much positive emotion it can bring into the world. Every day, I discover more about myself and my ability to keep unlearning (what I know) and learning new things as the little one does.

Claire Jedrek's active lifestyle means she is always on the lookout for a good UV product, to protect against sun rays.

"You have to realise many things in life are about the marathon, not the sprint."

What does empowerment really mean to you?

Empowerment is about knowledge, seat time, true grit and commitment.

What do you think of Aidha’s mission to empower woman with self-starting culture and financial knowledge?

Impacting women through women; building, embracing and creating a safe circle of positivity, honesty, and confidence.

It’s a tough world out there and sometimes all we need are the tools and the building blocks for a forward-thinking outlook of the world we have around us

If you could coach another woman on the three essential things to do to realise their potential, what would they be?

Grit, because you have to realise many things in life are about the marathon, not the sprint

That every failure you have will exponentially lead you to success.

Knowledge is everything. Keep learning and you will ultimately be the right person for the job.

How would you describe your daily beauty routine?

I keep it simple as I'm always on the move. Morning is a UV moisturiser, makeup throughout the day is taken off with a simple remover and face wash, evening is a thicker moisturiser as I'm in the sun a lot. Repeat.

Tips on good skincare habits for a sportsperson.

Moisturise diligently. Letting your skin breathe also helps, but the right UV cream is everything.

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