Design Masters Neri & Hu Select Their Favourite Chairs

How to recline in award-winning comfort and style


Design Masters Neri & Hu Select Their Favourite Chairs
By Appointment February 25th, 2019

Shanghai architects Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are the brilliant minds behind design studio Neri & Hu. The two are partners at work and in marriage, and won Maison&Objet Asia’s Designer of the Year in 2015.

The design duo’s architectural masterpieces and inspiring interiors are frequently lauded by critics. They’ve transformed a former missile manufacturing plant in Beijing into a chic, industrial office. A Neri & Hu project, a boutique hotel housed in a walled city, has become a huge attraction in Yangzhou.

Powerhouse design duo Neri&Hu are partners at work and in marriage. They thoroughly tested each piece they design, which means they spend a lot of time sitting on their own chairs. All Photos Couresty of Neri and Hu 

Discerning developers and clients worldwide seek out their services. And it’s totally possible to own a piece of Neri & Hu’s works, since the talented couple also creates chairs and sofas for everyday use.

Every Neri & Hu piece begins with detailed research. The two then deliberate the balance of ergonomics, form, and proportion. And at the prototype stage, they test, spending a good deal of time in this phase before going into production.

“When we get prototypes, we use them in the office. We constantly make adjustments according to feedback, improving the feel in order to obtain the most comfortable fit,” says Neri, who has designed so many chairs, he’s stopped counting. 

Neri & Hu picks the perfect chair for every space.

For The Office 

The designers recommend the Utility Chair for the office environment. The padded, leather upholstered seat makes the chair comfortable. Designed for good posture, the backrest angle also has you sitting in an ideal upright position.

The chair, part of Neri & Hu’s Utilitarian series, is a sophisticated take on the classic industrial aesthetic — one that you can’t help but be drawn to, and rest upon.

For The Living Room  

The Utility Sofa is a good fit for any family home with children. 

Cloaked in grey wool, the designers say that the sofa will age well with use and over time. Wool coverings are durable as they are less prone to wrinkling and fading. The natural fabric is easy to spot clean. If all else fails, the dark hue will hide unsightly crayon scrawls or food stains. 

For The Dining Room 

The designers are very fond of the Mandarin Dining Chair. It exudes an Asian sensibility with a quiet grace, coupled with contemporary touches of leather upholstery and brass-plated stainless steel. The wood frame follows the body’s natural form, allowing you to relax easily against the back and armrest.

All pieces shown are part of Neri & Hu’s collaboration with Shanghai furniture brand Stellar Works, and are available at the P5 Studio.

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