Ferran Adrià Will Open elBulli 1846 in 2019

Singapore-based chefs sound out on what they expect from this highly-anticipated food lab


Ferran Adrià Will Open elBulli 1846 in 2019
Dining June 11th, 2018

Ferran Adrià is back to remind us of the magic he can do when elBulli1846 opens its doors in Roses, Spain, come third quarter of 2019.

The food wizard’s much-anticipated lab was slated to open within three years of the acclaimed elBulli closing in 2011. But elBulli 1846 — named after the 1,846 dishes Adrià created at his restaurant — was put on hold over concerns raised about its location within the Cap de Creus Natural Park in Girona.

“I think (elBulli 1846) will introduce new trends, ingredients and tools that chefs around the world can learn from and use,” says Carlos Montobbio, head chef of Esquina.

Adrià is, after all, the Willy Wonka of the food world.

elBulli 1846

elBulli 1846 will be a research lab that also houses a museum that’s open to the public. 

Stringy mozzarella become golden liquid spheres. Sweet melons turn into caviar pearls with his touch. When Adrià started his creative experiments at elBulli in 1994, he revolutionised the course of fine-dining. Techniques like spherification inspired a legion of acclaimed chefs, such as Grant Achatz of Alinea, Gaggan, and Will Goldfarb of Room 4 Dessert.

“He managed to transform and revolutionise the hospitality scene with what people called molecular cuisine. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does it again,” says Gonzalo Landin, head chef of Binomio.

And expectations are sky-high.

Ferran Adria's food lab.

Both Carlos Montobbio (L) and Gonzalo Landin (R) have high expectations of Ferran Adria’s food lab. 

“I really hope he can find a way to make food accessible to everyone who is in need,” says Montobbio.

“There is a lot of food wastage in the world, and 800 million people going hungry. If he can solve that, it’ll be the greatest achievement for the food industry.”

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