How To Sleep Like A Baby

There's the perfect pillow out there for your sleeping style


How To Sleep Like A Baby
Wellness & Aesthetics October 15th, 2018

Off-white designer Virgil Abloh is known for functioning without sleep. The exceptionally busy man joked during a talk that he sleeps an average of negative two hours a day, sharing his work ethic: “The first rule is never sleep”.

The creative-marketing genius isn’t the norm. We in the real world know that sleep is like contraband – elusive and hard to come by in a noisy, distracted world. But the trick to a good night’s rest literally could be as easy as where you lay your head.

Yep, it’s a good pillow that could see you sleeping like baby.

Cheng Guang Hao, Core Concepts Senior Physiotherapist  Photo by Wong Wei Liang 

“A good pillow preserves the natural curvature of the neck. The neck muscles are supported. They can relax and not be overworked throughout the night,” says Cheng Guang Hao, a senior physiotherapist with leading physiotherapy group Core Concepts. 

Be it memory foam, cotton or goose down, the filling is up to you.

He says: “If it is a very firm material, your head won’t sink in when lying on the pillow. But if you choose feather fillings, you need to give some leeway for the height to drop when you place your head on the pillow.”

There’s the perfect pillow for every sleeper. The body whisperer tells us how to find ‘The One’.

Side Sleeper

Choose a pillow which fills the gap between the shoulder and the ear. If you are using a contour pillow, the higher end should be placed underneath the hollow of the neck.

When you are lying on the pillow sideways, the spine should form a straight line, parallel to the floor. 

Back Sleeper

When you are lying with your head on the pillow, you should be looking up at the ceiling. If you are looking upwards, the pillow could be too low for you. If you are looking downwards, the pillow could be too high for you.

A good pillow for a back sleeper fills the gap between the back of the head and the upper back. This maintains the natural curve of the neck. The whole neck should be resting on the pillow.

Tummy Sleeper

Stomach sleepers, here’s the lowdown: You shouldn’t be sleeping this way.

Habitual stomach sleepers often complain of pain in the neck or back. That’s because unless you’ve figured out how to breathe face down, you have to turn your head to the side.

Sleeping in this awkward position for a prolonged period tends to strain your neck, back and spine. The discomfort could lead to disrupted sleep.

To not further strain the neck, it’s best to choose a soft pillow which is low. Or, not use a pillow at all.

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