Lamborghini Unleashes The World's Fastest SUV

If it roars through the desert at 300km/h and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


Lamborghini Unleashes The World's Fastest SUV
Automotive April 11th, 2018

If a Lamborghini SUV roars through the desert at 300km/h and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Would we hear every cliché about soccer mums, vapid reality show stars, and the emotional neediness of short drivers in high seats?

SUVs are a tricky proposition with petrolheads. Unlike the ultra-comfortable Rolls-Royce Phantom, which is basically a cruise liner on the road, or the driving thrill of the classic Porsche 911, the experience with SUVs can be dicey.

They’re great for the family barbeque, but they’re hardly sexy. They’re usually gifted with chunky derrieres, sluggish personalities, and headroom for professional basketballers. Oh look, we can play Twister in the back!

‘Sexy’ is a challenge when there are one too many cup-holders, and the scuffed leather seats smell of ‘Eau de wet dog’.

The dashboard architecture follows the “Y-shaped” theme inspired by iconic Lamborghini models. The interior can be customised for elegance or sportiness, through the selection of colours, and materials like natural leather, wood finish, aluminum or carbon.

But the Lamborghini Urus shirks off those impressions like an oversized satin robe. When you see this super SUV for the first time — yes, it’s officially called a ‘Super SUV’ — you should take a few seconds to process the whole machine.

With sharp, muscular lines inspired by the Lamborghini’s Aventador model, it looks like an alien craft carved from ancient stone. The stance is aggressively beautiful, thanks to the crouch from standard 21-inch rims. Handcrafted panels and luxurious interiors will convince you that Italian artisans made this time machine. You’ll question your basic relationship with throwaway Uber rides.

The 4-door crossover SUV is a Frankenstein of power, agility, and stance. There is a 650-horsepower, 4-litre V8 engine twin-turbo engine in the belly, capable of a top speed of more than 300km/h, and breathing fire.

The Urus is the lowest SUV in its class and comes with all the recognisable Lamborghini traits, like the Hexagon shapes, the front bonnet with centre peak, and the cross lines on the rear door, all coming together beautifully in a streamlined design.

There’s 4-wheel-steering, 4-wheel-drive system, and active rear torque vectoring. Throw in adaptive air suspension with active dampers, a sensitive roll stabilization system, and you’re getting an ultra-comfortable and smooth driving experience.

It blitzes from 0 to 100km/h in less than 4 seconds. Things like carbon ceramic brakes, adaptive air suspension, and active stabilization ensure maximum comfort and safety.

And if the 4-wheel steering and 7 drive modes — including Sabbia and Terra, for sand and rough terrain — don’t impress, the natural driving dynamics will win you over. You are buckled in the cockpit of a fighter jet as you bathe in the fuchsia dashboard lights.

The Urus comes with three ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) packages: “Urban Road”, “Full ADAS” and “Highway”. These are intelligent assistance and safety systems to suit various driving preferences.

Positive Sales Projections

Lamborghini expects to double its sales with the new SUV. Despite a Singapore price tag of just under S$800,000, customer pre-orders have been very encouraging.

General Manager of Lamborghini Asia-Pacific, Mr Andrea Baldi, says, “We’re extremely proud to showcase the Urus in Singapore. Singapore is one of the key markets for us and the debut reinforces Lamborghini’s long-term commitment here. The Urus is expected to drive significant sales volume in 2018.”

Fun fact: The Urus is Lamborghini’s second attempt at the SUV. The marque made a novelty model in the 1980s called the LM002, and that limited edition resembled a Jeep on steroids. But that’s the past.

Maybe we’re all a little emotionally needy after all. Check out how the guttural roar of the Urus here.

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