The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the Ultimate Off-Roader

See the world's first ultra-luxury station wagon with rear-hinged doors


The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the Ultimate Off-Roader
Automotive August 17th, 2018

Station wagons used to be the dorks of the automotive world. They were large, clumsy and far from stylish. People drove them for height, presence, and the legroom for a couple of Golden Retrievers. 

Right this moment though, wagons are on a pedestal. Unsurprisingly, the station wagon renaissance is led by the upper crust, and long-time producers like BMW and Volvo are competing with the luxury marques of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.

Hard to believe, but the awkward dad car is now fashionable and off-beat handsome. Think of Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy in a strapping suit and a pair of Tod’s, complete with six-pack abs and a blue Nautilus on his wrist. It’s got as much class as character.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the brand’s first off-roader ever. It chews up mud, snow, sand and rocky terrain like a piece of cake.

It’s about time Rolls-Royce joins the party. The carmaker took its time to design an off-roader worthy of its legacy, and the resulting Rolls-Royce Cullinan has been billed as “the most anticipated SUV of the year”. Its ambition to dethrone the Bentley Bentayga as the most expensive and swankiest off-roader in history is clear. 

Simply put, the car is meant for adventurous folks who do not compromise. “We envisaged an elevated luxury, fusing the comfort and opulence of our cars with that sense of surveying the vista ahead and being able to take it on. We embraced the desert. This is a car that belongs at the top of a sand dune,” Rolls-Royce’s design director Giles Taylor says.

A “Flagbearer” stereo camera system integrated into the windscreen plays a watchful eye over the terrain ahead. It helps to adjust suspension as you go, and up to 100km/h. Other helpful features include a satellite-aided transmission which prepares you for incoming twists and turns.

Named after the 3,106-carat Cullinan Diamond discovered in South Africa in 1905, the Cullinan is powered by a 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 engine, the same you’d find in the new Phantom. It packs 563 horsepower and 850Nm of torque in its new all-wheel drive system. The way it breezes through gravel, mud and snow, you’d barely notice the slips and bumps. It’s got a wading depth of 540mm and is nippy at a brisk 250km/h.

Like the Phantom, it is the second Rolls-Royce built on a new and very flexible aluminium platform. It echoes a number of interior features, such as a sloping centre console and digital instrument panel that sits behind the steering wheel.

The Cullinan adopted the 20th-century concept of rear-hinged doors, which make entry and exits a lot easier (and fancier too). 

Inside, the car’s lush and pin-drop quiet. The centre console doubles as a bar, complete with glassware and a refrigerator; wireless charging is available; an alert assistant is at your beck and call, in case you’re feeling drowsy; and WiFi and USB ports are all around, just because.

Dog-lovers will be happy to have an interior glass partition installed to separate the boot from the cabin. Our favourite option is the Viewing Suite, where you can have a pair of rear-facing leather seats and cocktail table at a quick touch of a button. Enjoy a picnic and watch the sun go down. How else do you want to roll?  

Yours for S$1,268,888. Check the car out at 29 Leng Kee Road; a 360 degree view of the interior is available here

Fancy a glass of Merlot? The centre console doubles as a bar and is complete with glassware and a refrigerator. 


ENGINE: 6,750cc, V12

POWER: 563 horsepower

TORQUE: 850Nm at 1,500rpm

0-100KM/H:  6.7 seconds

TOP SPEED: 250km/h

TRANSMISSION: 8-speed 8HP automatic

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