Stephanie de Bouard Is Giving Bordeaux Wines A Reboot

The eighth-generation owner of Chateau Angelus eschews tradition to draw modern bon vivants to her family estate


Stephanie de Bouard Is Giving Bordeaux Wines A Reboot
Wine February 14th, 2019

If lounging around and sipping on a glass of silky red wine sounds sexy to you, then picture this: Enjoying the very same red that’s passed the lips of James Bond and Vesper Lynd.

Fans of top movie Casino Royale will remember that Bond (Daniel Craig) and Lynd (Eva Green) shared a bottle of Château Angélus, Premier Grand Cru Classé Saint-Émilion ’82 on a train ride to Montenegro. The marketing whiz who engineered this coup was Stephanie de Bouard, eighth-generation owner and managing director of Château Angélus.

The former private banker has a fierce streak of ambition. Since buying her father’s shares in the estate in 2012, de Bouard has her eye on giving Bordeaux wines a refresh. This means getting organic certification, as well as using less oak on the wines. The intention is to craft supple wines and make them more accessible to the millennial generation of bon vivants.

de Bouard has also added a restaurant to the family portfolio, a breakaway from the usual wine business. Her decision to buy Logis de la Cadene, the oldest restaurant in Saint-Emilion, was perceived as a risky move. Her father, Hubert de Bouard, particularly opposed it, but promoting the family’s involvement in local tourism has proven to be good for business.

Chateau Angelus James Bond Vesper Lynd Casino Royale

Fans of the movie Casino Royale will remember the bottle of Château Angélus that James Bond and Vesper Lynd enjoyed on a train ride. Photo by Arnold Jerocki

“It’s a logical extension of the experience that one can have at Château Angélus,” says de Bouard. “The soul of the estate, the tasting of the wine, the history — I think it’s a shame that it would stop after a guest leaves the chateau.”

She shares her thoughts on family values, and tells us what she’s drinking.

What’s it like being a woman in the wine industry today?

To my mind, it has no importance (whether you’re a woman or man) at all. It’s really about your currencies, your skills. Your personality, and your determination. I think that’s what really matters.

On a personal level, are there any vintages you’re currently enjoying?

I really enjoy the champagne of Jacques Selosse. Also, Krug champagne. I’m a champagne lover. When my first son was born in 2016, and my second son in 2017, we had celebrations with either Selosse or Krug.

Since taking over the reigns, Stephanie de Bouard has lent a modern touch to the 110-year-old family estate. Photo by Arnold Jerocki 


They say that wine is connected to a long life and good health. Do you find this to be true?

My grandfather who lives on the (Chateau Angelus) estate turned 96 last year. He’s never done any sports in his life! He and my grandmother have been married 75 years, and they continue to share one bottle of Angelus every day. I think that’s the secret to longevity — great wine.

How would you describe your approach to Chateau Angelus as a brand?

I like what Patek Philippe said — You never actually own a Patek Phillipe. You merely look after it for the next generation.  I’ve always felt this way about Chateau Angelus. I find I am a link in a long chain, and my mission is to transmit (our family values) down the line.

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