See the Truly Customised Ferrari SP38

This bespoke Ferrari has all the owner's quirks, plus classic elements of the F40


See the Truly Customised Ferrari SP38
Automotive June 14th, 2018

We can’t promise we’ll be civil if we hear the word “bespoke” one more time.

It’s always “bespoke this, bespoke that”. The B word has become such a throwaway branding lure that we want to say, enough already.

Right? Nah, not really.

As the rich get richer and the personal wealth of the 0.1 percent reach previously unimaginable numbers, “bespoke” is what you need to stand out from the instantly-gratified crowd.

Sure, you’ve got suits, shoes and a personality that are one of a kind, but if you’re eyeing something that will truly show the world, a bespoke car is what you want.

The rear with hints of Ferrari F40.

In this case, a Ferrari’s a must. If you grew up loving cars, you must realise what manifestation of a dream it was. No one saw it as “just a car”, but an incredible sign of success. Drive a Ferrari and you’ll understand what the fuss is all about. People are going to stare, and in envy, if not admiration.

Look up Ferrari’s Special Projects programme. The Italian marque has been customising cars since 2007, giving its best customers the chance to create their very own Ferrari. It’s made them all very happy, including Eric Clapton, who teamed up with Pininfarina to create the SP12 EC in 2012.

The three-layer metallic red coat and slender headlights that are unique to the SP38.

The programme manufactures a maximum of three cars a year, and while you may not like every car it produces, its latest offspring is something else. The SP38 was revealed mid-2018 at the Fiorano Circuit, where Michael Schumacher set a record in his F2004.

Commissioned by a lady with an obvious love for speed, the car’s been honed for both the road and track. It’s got the heart of a twin-turbo 488 GTB — imagine hitting 100km/h in three seconds flat — and the good looks of an F40.

The body has the latter written all over. The subtle yet muscular wheel arches, carbon fibre assembly, rear spoiler and slashing shut lines are all reminiscent of the F40. It’s got a striking wedge shape in profile, and if you’ll also notice the running lights, which have been relocated to the bumper lip, you’ll know there’s a bit of classic 308 GTB over there.

What’s most unique, though, is the request for the skinniest headlights. And that sums up “bespoke” pretty nicely for us.  

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